Yes, seriously. Now is your time to … fill in the blank for yourself. You can do it.
Don’t be shy.
Eckhart Tolle wrote a whole book about living in the now, so what are you waiting for?
More money, time, education? I’m a firm believer in being honest and open with people, so the truth of the matter is: There is never going to be a perfect time. The ideal time to take action is and will always be Now.
Real talk!
Now that you are self-aware and paying attention, what area of your life needs some TLC? It’s time to get to work. A good place to start is asking yourself -yes, ask yourself. Listen and trust yourself when the answer comes.
The time of day dreaming, fantasising, and wishing on a star is over. That was all just the fuel used to light a fire under your ass. Now it’s time to BE the master manifester that you really are. You are here for a very important purpose. What is it? You tell me- better yet, show yourself what it is.
We are living in a new era. An era of proactive action. No one is coming to save you from the life you’ve created. That is your responsibility.
Now is the time to take charge of your life. Real change doesn’t happen by chance, it happens by conscious action. Whatever direction your higher self leads you in will always be for your highest good and the highest good of everyone involved. Trust and believe in yourself.
I know you’re scared. I know you have 99 reasons why you can’t do what you really want to do. I know when you think about it, the anxiety you feel swallows you alive.
That’s okay. Acknowledge your feelings. They are important. Feel the fear, anxiety, and everything else and keep going. It’s time to man/woman up and do you, despite it all.
Stepping out of your comfort zone is a terrifying experience. I encourage you to take the risk, bet on yourself and realize your full potential as a soul creating a human experience.
You are worth it and you deserve it.