Lightgroup coaching and online learning is a space where you can develop your “personal ” spirituality and learn new and better ways of being. 


Childcare Programs

I created and operated my own home based child daycare for 8 years. On top of the fact that it allowed me to bring in an income. It also enabled me to be available to my own children 24/7. As a natural nurturer, I love children. I love their innocence and curiosity. I love their energy. So even after I closed down my daycare to create Lightgroup. I still wanted to work with children in some capacity.  That is how Lightgroup childcare evolved. It allows me to organize seasonal programs for children in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). It is important to me that  children have a place where they can just to be children.

Spiritual Development

Lightgroup’s spiritual development coaching is designed to help mompreneurs change their life by changing the way you operate on a deeper level.  You are shown how to work with the laws of the universe to get what you actually want out of life instead of just accepting whatever comes your way. Discover your true entrepreneurial path when you connect with your inner being and create a life of meaningful abundance in all areas of your life.

Wisdom and Inspiration

Explore my unique perspective on a variety of subjects. They all come from a space of self discovery , self remembrance  and experience. 

Up Coming Events

Looking for something else for your child to do during march break, instead of just watching youtube videos on their tablet. Sign them up for a day or 2 or 3 of interaction with real people outside of the home. In an environment that promotes their well being.  Our rates are affordable, our space promotes community. And your child is learning something and having fun doing it. All is well.

Online Courses

Exclusively for my “mompreneurs” in the making…learn the secret to creating a thriving business that enables you to life the lifestyle of your dreams. Get my signature program. I created it just for you.

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