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Watch me in real life as I learned how to establish myself as invisible rich and embrace my sovereignty.  The Woke Mompreneur shows you first hand that you just have to decide what you want for your life, do YOUR part and Source will do the rest.

5D Academy

Go through each workshop at your own pace..this is a marathon not a sprint!

Each workshop comes with its own unique exercises and touches on various areas of your life and how you can come into alignment with them. It’s designed to help you remember that you are a whole person, so it would be wise to work on all areas of your life, that are of importance to you.


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My channel the Butterfly Effect Tarot allows me to share my spiritual gifts of healing through counseling/advising and providing others with clarity for their questions on various areas of their life through the art of tarot. I believe it’s important for us all to lead by good example and create the best version of whatever we are called to manifest. I also believe in the universal law of karma and whatever you put out into the universe is what you get back. So if you feel inspired to support my channel, s I can continue to help others . I’d say we both are on the right path in life.

The Butterfly Effect Tarot

 The intention of this channel, The Butterfly Effect Tarot is to bring clarity about issues in your life through sharing my gift of tarot reading and everything I know about spiritual growth (the good, the shitty & everything in between), while striving to live your best f#$%ing life. As an empath, clairvoyant, mommy and entrepreneur. My cup is full and I live in a constant state of change. So I know a few things about a few things! Each one teach one! Everything l learn, have experienced and innerstand- l teach! For those of you that want to learn how to create your 5D reality. This is an all inclusive community. Feel free to check out my content.” You’ll find that l’m figuring all this ish out, as l go along- just like you. Sometimes, l just get it a little sooner. If you like, SUBSCRIBE. Cheers to your evolution!

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Clients Reviews
I've had several readings in the past with different readers but my reading with Kiesha has definitely been the most detailed, accurate and insightful. She mentioned things that were very accurate that she wouldn't have known about and I felt as though she genuinely WANTED to do my reading and she didn't stop the clock until she felt that all the messages were out. She was genuinely trying to give me the most out of the reading. She has wonderful energy and I feel so uplifted from watching the video. I woke up feeling a little down and groggy but I feel so much better. Definitely recommend
I felt as if I was listening to a higher ancestor. Her reading touched my soul. Confirmed what I needed to know, and brought me back to center. Thank you! I absolutely love you and the fact that your on this realm and earth.
Tania Jean louis
Kiesha is truly amazing. You have a gift beyond belief. You were so on point with my reading and I will definitely be seeking out more guidance in the future. You have definitely assured me that the choices I made were exactly what I should have done.